Company Profile
Changzhou Hannuo Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that researches, develops, produces and sells adhesive materials for building composites. The company develops, produces and applies polymer adhesive films for metal and plastic, metal and metal bonding. It has more than ten years of production and application experience. After more than ten years of technical accumulation, the company is committed to providing customers with quality, efficient and stable products and services. The company has established good cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has established a technical cooperation platform with many universities and institutes. High-quality product service, good operating system, advanced corporate culture, a large number of customers and talents. It has laid a good foundation for product development applications and new product development platforms.


The hot melt series polymer adhesive film produced by our company is divided into temperature: low temperature and high temperature adhesive film, which can be used in environments with different requirements. This product has no volatiles, no odor, high efficiency, good strength, and durable weather ability in the production process.


The polymer adhesive film produced by our company is mainly applied to aluminum plastic plate of PE core board, PVC core board aluminum-plastic board, A2 grade aluminum-plastic board, B1B2 grade aluminum-plastic board, aluminum ceiling laminating board, home appliance laminating panel, Aluminum honeycomb panels, roof insulation composite panels and materials such as pet/pvc/pe are bonded to other materials. The company's products provide high-quality application services for home appliances, electronics, architectural decoration, insulation, luggage, shoe materials, automotive interiors, furniture and other industries.


The company is located in the beautiful Jiangnan water town - Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the factory environment is beautiful, adjacent to the provincial road, high speed, convenient transportation, geographical location is very advantageous, can provide customers with fast response and service.