Bimetallic composite board polymer adhesive film

  • Description
This series of polymer adhesive film is a kind of hot melt adhesive film which is made by bonding and bonding between metal and metal. It is used for the composite of various metal materials, such as roof insulation. Steel tiles, elevator interior panels, etc. The production process is simple, the roll is hot pressed or flat vulcanized, and it can be cooled and shaped. This product has the characteristics of good bonding fastness, high peeling strength and good durability.


Product model:HN-618 single-sided polymer film, HN-658 double-sided polymer film


Product specifications:Width: 0~1600mm, thickness: 0.03mm~0.15mm, can be customized according to different materials and uses.


Bonding structure
Metal (aluminum, galvanized sheet, stainless steel) + HN-618/ aluminum foil/ PET pre-composite film
Metal (aluminum, galvanized sheet, stainless steel) + HN-658+ aluminum foil/ PET pre-composite film
Metal (aluminum, galvanized sheet, stainless steel) + HN-658+ metal (aluminum, galvanized sheet)


Product advantages and features
①   Good and stable bonding properties.
②   High toughness, high peeling force.
③   Resistant to temperature differences and boiling water in different environments.
④   Suitable for bonding and compounding various metal materials.


Melt means NumberDensity
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Softening temperature
Melting point
Peel strength
GB/T 2790-
Use range
HN-6182.50.93≥7≥3007098≥5Aluminum honeycomb + metal/ aluminum
HN-6582.50.93≥7≥3006592≥5Aluminum honeycomb + metal/ aluminum
Remarks The above Peel strength is only the laboratory test result, for reference only! The metal surface needs special treatment or it will affect the Peel strength and weather resistance. (Aluminum thickness 0.5mm, film thickness ≥0.05mm, thickness 4mm)